Gift delivery

Our company is happy to offer you a Gift delivery service. Each woman is certainly pleased when she receives gifts. If you want to make a woman happy, you can send her a bouquet of flowers (always buy an odd number of flowers - even numbers are considered bad luck), soft toys, chocolates or perfume. You can also send her greetings on her birthday or holiday. Your attention to her will help you to win her favor and trust. Gifts play a much more important role in Ukraine than they do in the West. You can also order a small greeting card, which will be put into the gift or bouquet. This card will also be translated from English into Russian.

After you send a gift to your lady, we will make her photo with a gift and send it to you. This way you make sure that the girl really got your gift. Thanks to our agency, gifts are delivered in 2-4 days. It  is much faster than sending parcels by post. To send a gift to the woman of your choice you need to:
  • know her name and id number of the profile.
  • choose the gift, which you would like us to deliver.
  • contact us
1 Rose ( white, red, pink), 19.68 inches long. You can choose the color and number of roses you want to be delivered to the lady you like. If you want to have a bouquet of rose of different colors, just inform us. Color of the flower doesn't influence the price. Make your own composition and surprise your lady. Add a small greeting card, which will help your surprise even better. Price: 8 USD per flower.
Eating a bite of chocolate will trigger an endorphin release and can impact her mood in a positive way. There’s a reason why a lot of ladies call it a ’soul food.’ Make your lady happy with a box of chocolate candies. Price: 25 USD
A lot of ladies would like to have something next to them all the time and hold it during some lonely nights. This simple gift will remind her about you and the lady will think about your presence in her life all the time. Teddy bear
7.87 inches - 30 USD
15.74 inches - 50 USD
More than 23.62 inches - 80 USD
We will deliver a nice basket of fruits. There will be a pineapple, apples, grapes, bananas, kiwi, lemons, oranges and nice bottle of champagne “Bagrationi” Price: 60 USD
If you want to surprise your lady with a fragrance you have picked up for her or maybe you already know her favorite perfume brand, we are happy to offer you a service of delivery this gift. Price: 85-195 USD per 50ml bottle.
Every lady wants to be beautiful for you. To keep her body sexy, her face, hair, nail – she needs to visit the SPA time from time. Surprise her with a SPA certificate and give her a day of pleasure and relaxation. She will be able to pick the procedures she likes using this certificate. Price: 150 USD
If you are not sure what exactly your lady wants as her present, you always can give her a shopping certificate. It's definitely a hard task for a man to find a dress, a shirt, pants or lingerie that can fit his lady perfectly. Give her a shopping certificate and present her with a day in a shopping mall. Price: 150 USD
Lady will be provided with a private tutor. For one month she will have lessons (one lesson lasts 1.5 hour) three times per week. Lady learns words, grammar and trains in speaking skills during such lesson. Level of lessons will depend on what knowledge lady already has. We offer Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced level. Price: 300 USD per month.

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