Is It Safe for a Foreigner to be in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a safe place to travel. Many people who used our services will agree with that point of view. Nevertheless, it is still recommended that one knows where he goes. As compared with large cities of the world, Kyiv is quite a safe city. Crime in respect of foreigners adds up with pick pocketing and cheating in the markets. There are some security points that one should remember to be safe in Ukraine.
First, upon your arriving check your luggage and other belongings. If something is missing do not hesitate to contact an airport or train station official.
In order to avoid pick pocketing, one should keep any valuables, important documents and money in a safe place and not to flaunt in public. Use a money belt or concealed pouch for your passport, cash and other valuables. It would be wise to take a copy of your passport and keep it separately from all the other documents. Check that you always have your passport with you at a safe place, even if you go out to buy a sandwich. In case you lose your passport, contact the Embassy or Consular office of your country at once.
Do not carry a lot of money when you are out in the street. Take just enough to cover your needs for the day and leave the rest in the hotel room or apartment. When in public transport, make sure that you watch your pockets. Do not go into back streets of the city. Instead, try to stay in the city center, which is quite large and has lots of things to offer to a traveler, such as bars and restaurants, museums and parks and many sights to see.
If you drink in a public place, make sure that you are accompanied by a trusted friend. One should not drink with people he does not know. Make sure you control the situation and know what is happening.
Never exchange money in not authorized locations. Illegal exchange is considered to be a criminal offence in Ukraine. Besides, you can be badly "done" by illegal money-changers.
If you happen to be a victim of a crime, it's necessary to immediately contact the nearest consulate and report the crime to the local police. If you get lost in the streets or other strange situation has happened with you - always call us on our local number and we will help you or simply drive you to the place you want. Back

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