Friendly Assistance!

It's very important for us to make every client be happy with his trip to Kyiv, Ukraine. We don't want you to feel like some tourist coming to our country through a big company, where you don't have personal attention and care. Our company provides friendly assistance, we want to make your stay very comfortable, we treat every tourist individually.

Here goes some interesting services which you might consider to use while you are in our country. Also we are glad to provide you with some simple facts about Ukraine and what you have to know before your traveling.

Renting a mobile phone with local number.
It's only your decision to refuse from using your phone number and have a local one, or to use your phone while you are here. But you definitely have to know that roaming in Ukraine is extremely expensive, the phone calls from your home country will still cost you as a roaming international call, in case of emergency you won't be able to make a local call. And it is not the whole list of reasons to refuse using your phone number. We advice you while being in Ukraine to rent a mobile phone with a local number. That will give you the opportunity to make free calls on other local numbers, to call to your country, send text messages, save huge amount of money. Our company will give you information about all Ukrainian phone operators and will help you to choose the most suitable for you among them all. We will assist you in purchasing phone cards with the best international plans. So it will be convenient for you to make phone calls to any number you want. We will provide you with a cell phone, so you don't have to buy the phone which you don't need at your home country. Renting a mobile phone with local number will cost you 4 USD per day.

24/7 friendly assistance and support – ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY
Everyone, who comes to a foreign country, feels lonely and helpless as everything is new, unknown and strange. Sure thing you will have an interpreter or a guide with you most of the time, but what can you do when you are alone? You have to be ready to any kind of situations that's why we offer you 24/7 support through the phone. If you have any vis major, for example police stopped you to check your passport, but you are not sure what they are telling you, language barrier, as not that much people speak English, or any other problems – you just call to our office and we will answer you on any questions, solve any kind of problems, help you in any situation. This service is totally free, so everyone who travels to Kyiv, Ukraine with Kiev Romantic Travel can be sure he will be save and happy!

Your sightseeing photo-shooting.
We believe this situation takes place in every person's life. You have a good camera, you are able to do nice pictures of interesting places, beautiful landscapes, historical monuments or just funny people around you, but you don't have pictures of yourself. Or for example, you are spending the time with some friend, you definitely want to have common pictures with her/him.... but what can you do? You can photographer her/him or she/he can do pictures of you. That's why we are to offer you a photo-shooting of you during a trip to Kyiv. We are not professional photographers that's why it will be just photo report of your visit to our wonderful country. All high-quality photos will be done with Nikon D5000 camera and recorded on CD-disk or flesh memory. You will have not only great memories from your trip, but unquestionable proves and wonderful reminder about time you had in Kyiv. We are sure your friends or other people who see your photos will be envious about time you had. This service will cost you only 25 USD (the number of photos doesn't influence the price).

We are glad to provide you with other information you need to know if you plan to travel to Ukraine. What do you need to know and to be ready for?

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