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18 Jan 2013
Dirk, Frankfurt, Germany
Great stories use to happen on places you wouldn’t expect! I am using Marina’s agency for many months now. And there is a good reason: I found the most wonderful lady on earth on her website!! From the very first moment I got perfect support in translation services, delivery of gifts,preparation of my trips to Kiev and dating my future wife. All services have been of best quality. Prices have always been transparent and fair. I appreciate having the same translator for all this time. She is great and I wonder how we will manage to live without her one day! All staff have always been kind, charming and helpful – even on Sunday evenings. So, if you should ever think about finding your love in Ukraine, then there is no better place to go!
17 Jan 2013
Louis Way Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA
Sense 2006 I have traveled to Ukraine several different times using several different agencies hopping to find love. Over the years I have found disappointment time after time. Once I found Marina’s agency I have very good experience. My letters are translated and delivered quickly. Pictures are delivered easily, in all I am very happy with Marina’s agency. I have found a wonderful lady. I have had several video chats with her. I am hoping that this coming summer when I meet her face to face, I will be able to ask her for her hand.
16 Jan 2013
Charles, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
I was in Kiev, Ukraine many times and every time I was traveling I used this company to help me. I met wonderful people here, saw many wonderful places. I am totally happy with a correspondence translation and gift delivery. I wish Kiev Romantic Travel good luck and only grateful clients! You are the best and I am sure great success is waiting for you!!!!
10 Jan 2013
John, Nebraska City, Nebraska, USA
Hi! My name is John. I live in USA the state of Nebraska... I have been in Kiev Ukraine many times in the past 5 years. Marina, her husband and the rest of her staff are amazing people . This city which is capital of Ukraine is so wonderful place too see and visit. The people are so very kind and helpful and Marina and her staff will do what ever it takes too help you with what ever you need at any time you are there... I really cant say enough about this place and this agency. I have been too many places world. None has been any more beautiful or a better place too see than in Ukraine... And yes i cant speak the language there but many people do enough that you do not always need someone with you all the time too help you.. I am sure you will enjoy this place as well and with marinas help it is very easy too do anything you want to do or see...
3 Jan 2013
George, Odessa, Texas, USA
Marina has proved to be very professional and extremley helpful. Any questions I have asked have been promptly answered. I am very pleased with the services provided and look forward to working with her in the future.
31 Dec 2012
James, Dallas, Texas, USA
I met the love of my life through Kiev Romantic Travel. From our many letters and chats, we knew there was potential for a match, but when we met in person, we knew we were destined for romance, marriage and family. None of this would have happened without the agency handling our online connection, our significant translation requirements, and our many face to face dates. Finding a life mate is a difficult task, but when we find the right one, it makes all effort worthwhile. I never imagined coming across the world to find my love, but now cannot imagine doing it any other way. I feel like the luckiest man on the planet, and am grateful for the help provided me through Kiev Romantic Travel.

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