Where to stay in Kyiv?

We are sure it can be confusing. You don't know where to stay or simply doubt the value of hotel service quality with its payment. Our company will be happy to help you with friendly advices. Perhaps not every person who is going to visit capital of Ukraine knows that the level of hotel services here leaves much to be desired and prices for low quality services are ridiculously overpriced. That's why very often it is much more reasonable for tourists to rent an apartment in downtown or close to downtown areas. Location should be the key factor for you! We are experienced in renting apartments in downtown for tourists from all around the world. Each offered Kyiv's apartment will be in perfect condition, renovated and comfortably furnished. You will be pleased to discover a wide variety of home appliances in our apartments. These include washing machines, dryers, fridges, microwaves, electric kettles, irons, air conditioning, heaters, TV-sets etc. Bathroom can have a bathtub, Jacuzzi and shower cabins. Our team will offer you an apartment best suited for your needs. The prices vary from 70 USD per night to 250 USD per night. You just need to tell us what price will be the best for you – and we will do our best to make you happy. We offer four categories of apartments in Kyiv the VIP, Luxury, Business and Budget. We assure you that each offer of accommodation in Kyiv you choose will be comfortable and its quality will meet the price.

To place your order you just need to contact us and write your desires, expectations and the best price for you. In return you will get some variants of apartments with all details and photos of it.

If it's better for you to stay at the hotel – we will gladly help you with a choice and booking a room!!!

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