To Make a Payment.

Following are the various ways you can pay for the services you wish to order from us. All the services that you utilize while you are in Kyiv, Ukraine can be paid by cash. That means, you are paying only for the services you are using right now. No payment in advance. Regardless of method you use, we will send you an email, describing the amount of payment we have received, as soon as we receive notification of your payment.


Western Union


Bank wire

To make a payment just contact us: and you will be provided with all the details and bank information. You can do all these payments online. More information about Western Union can be found at For MoneyGram, please go to Your bank can advise you on how to perform international wire transfers. You don't have to leave your personal details or account information on our site, which saves you from any kind of scam. You only pay for services you order!!!

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